Learn Exactly How We Made Android App Reviews Last Month

Again, colors, Space, Beach, Military( I have only seen a few sites with military unless that’s all you want). Japanese art, 3-D, products buy reviews online & on & on. This is one of few I have found. If you want shelves, you may need to go to another site, but I have not gone thru 5,000 photos. Highly Worthwhile. Thank You

I have know idea WHY some people hate it and say that it didn’t work. It actually works very well and tells me what I need to do so I can download IOS 5. Gives me step by step instructions. Very nice 😉 Also, this app tell me what icloud is and how to use it, camera, everything! So if u need to download IOS 5 for whatever reason, get this app! Works perfect! No glitches or anything. NICE! It’s PERFECT!!! 😉

“I have been a lifelong subscriber of MacLife and love the magazine. However, I purchased an issue a bit back and have subsequently upgraded my phone to the new X! All of my issues have loaded back onto my account except the one (mentioned before) that I really need right now.

I have emailed the “support” folks, several times, hoping that they could help and haven’t gotten any answers back. I’d say get the get app reviews, just hopefully don’t lose any of your purchases as their support staff are nonexistent. Hopefully they don’t cease production as good luck finding anyone who cares!”

“MacLife was the one magazine I would still buy in print form in the grocery store, as I really like the content and look. But, for less than the cost of two print issues (which is still true, I think), I can get an entire year. And, with the Retina display on the large iPad Pro, it seems to actually look BETTER than the print version. And, of course, there’s also all the capabilities that come with an “active” publication (like links and such).

Plus: I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE as to where all these other reviewers are getting these problems! They must be using a different app or something! 😉 Seriously, though, I’ve actually NEVER had a problem with the app itself, or with the purchasing of issues! Plus, I’ve just turned 60 years old, with my brain and memory getting worse and worse, and I’ve been able to read issue after issue with (LITERALLY) ZERO problems click here.


The Mac Life Magazine application is about the most perfect medium you can experience when reading about Apple related news. For starters the design and effort put into this application is noticeable from the start. Like most apps you receive a tutorial diagram on how to navigate upon first use.

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