Reviews can increase downloads!!

Today, app stores are flooded with apps. With more than 5 million apps in total, the app market is actually bursting with so many options available to choose from. Even it is said that every single app has more than hundred alternatives in the market. With this wide range of app available in front of users , how do they decide which one is the best? People need a little help regarding this very decision, and this is where reviews and ratings come into play to make it easier for them. The purpose of a review or a rating is to reflect how much a user enjoyed the app, in words or in a number. Reviews also helps in increasing the number of potential users of an app as it develops a trust for the app in mind of the users. As if your app has 5-star rating  than it means that the app is really liked by the audience whereas if your app has 1-star rating than it states that the app has somehow failed to impress the users. In this article, we will  understand different aspects of reviews and rating on the app market, from all the do’s and don’ts of asking for a review and should we buy app store reviews on the internet.

Reviews and rating have a power to manipulate the decision of people to install apps, different from the way aesthetics and its features influence them. In survey by world famous organisation that is Apptentive found that almost 75%  of the viewers check for the rating and reviews before downloading any app. So, this is the crucial part of any app page ,where visitors look for before clicking on download .Hence, this section of rating and reviews holds the power of impressing the audience. Good reviews with higher ranking ultimately drive in a lot of potential users. This is how strong the influence of a presentable number of rating and reviews can be! Apart  from increasing the downloads, it increases the discoverability of your app. App having bright reviews attains such a stable position in the chart. For example, when some search for the ‘food delivery’ than the apps that appears at the top are those that has high ratings as well as amazing reviews. Even you must have felt amazing if the app that you want to download has 4 plus rating and reviews.



Every app wants more and more satisfied users who will give them a review which will sound satisfied and will attract more users. There are mainly two strategies that can boost your rating. First one is the well-timed prompts. As receiving multiple pops asking for reviews are really annoying but if you ask for reviews after some task is completed or just after finishing a video call can gave you a chance of getting really nice review and higher ratings. Second strategy is of going for buy app store reviews. Buy app store reviews is a service that has started making its space in the market and has attracted many start-ups in this field. Actually, this s the easiest and fastest way to have shinny and  optimized reviews which not only increases the rating but also your apps discoverability.

Having a quality app that attracts organic rating and reviews are no doubt a better way but going for Buy app store reviews is also not ignorable strategy. As crowd attracts crowds similarly good reviews attracts good reviews. As we are currently living in a fast-paced world where we encounter new technology updates almost every day. So, investing your money into Buy app store reviews is   fruitful   and   definitely   worthy! 

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